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Jupyter Services Overview

Jupyter Notebooks are an interactive computing environment for creating and sharing documents with live code, text, and visualizations. They consist of cells for code and text, can be used for data science and other tasks, and support multiple programming languages. Notebooks can be saved and shared, making collaboration and showcasing work easy.

This site wants to provide an overview of avaiable Jupyter Services for researchers in Germany.

If your instance is missing, have a look at our contribution page. If you are interessted in current statistics, have a look here.

GESIS Notebooks

Provider: GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences

Target Group: Open, with a focus on Computational Social Science


Provider: Juelich Supercomputing Centre

Target Group: HPC users of JSC. Helmholtz users in general

MPCDF JupyterHub

Provider: Max Planck Computing and Data Facility

Target Group: Researchers of the Max Planck Society

HoreKa Jupyterhub

Provider: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Target Group: Researchers, Users upon project application, Helmholtz users

SCC Jupyterhub

Provider: GWDG

Target Group: Users with a full GWDG account (including people working in partner projects).

NFDI4Ing JupyterHub

Provider: University of Stuttgart

Target Group: Researchers in Engineering

University of Münster JupyterHub

Provider: University of Münster

Target Group: Students and employees of University of Münster, members of PUNCH4NFDI (soon)

RWTH HPC JupyterHub

Provider: ITC RWTH Aachen University

Target Group: Researchers, RWTH Students/Employees/Guests, Juelich Members, Users sponsored by other Users, Users upon project application

Interactive Tools of European Galaxy Server

Provider: University of Freiburg

Target Group: Open for everyone


Provider: GWDG

Target Group: Users having a full GWDG account (which can include people working in partner projects)

Webbasiertes Data Science und Machine Learning mit Jupyter

Provider: University of Leipzig

Target Group: Students and employees of University of Leipzig

PC² JupyterHub

Provider: Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing, University of Paderborn

Target Group: All users of a computing time project at PC²